Business process automation is an exercise in which recurring complex processes can be streamlined. It is done by removing redundant steps while increasing transparency, efficiency and credibility. In every company there are numerous important processes which still rely on email communication or approvals resulting in delay, lack of accountability and decreased efficiency. The goal is to identify such processes and automate them to reduce human error, paperwork or email communication by creating a structured flow of the whole process. Any business process from a simple leave approval process to complex accounts payable and tracking reimbursements can be automated.

Enterprise Applications play a pivotal role in simplifying complex business processes. Enterprise application development process focuses on two main things when it comes to business process automation. The ability to identify the right process to be automated is paramount to automation.

Let us evaluate the benefits of business process automation

1. Data on click of a button

Imagine the piles of paper someone will have to sift through when someone wants some data.Looking for Information about a particular employee who joined the organization recently or the enormous of number emails needed to sift through to check if a particular reimbursement request has been approved or not are quite herculean tasks. An HR onboarding process is a perfect task for automation where the tasks of documentation, sending offer letters, collecting employee data etc. take a lot of time. Once automated, the concerned people will then be able to access all the relevant data at the click of a button.

2. Better management strategy

An enterprise workflow application will make all the relevant details of the workflow transparent. The team or the lead will be able to view the status of each task, roadblocks if any and get a clear picture of who is accountable for which task. It proves to be an excellent management strategy to identify and eliminate roadblocks to ensure a smooth workflow. For example, imagine an employee scanning and submitting the travel tickets for reimbursement. He can easily see if the reimbursement has been approved and at what stage it is pending and will be able to receive an email when the workflow finishes.

3. Better communication

Although there are numerous channels for communication such as telephone, sticky notes, in person and emails, most of the time there are delays in many processes like payments, approvals, scheduling etc. All of these can be very expensive mistakes caused due to human error. When the whole business process is automated, the process becomes quite transparent and people can be held accountable for delays.

Automation is a good future growth strategy which not only works at minimizing costs but also motivates people to work faster without being asked by someone to do their job. With good future planning, the organization can have enterprise level application which can integrate various business processes and have them all working in sync seamlessly making it a very powerful tool to improve productivity.

March 23rd, 2018