“A man is only as good as his tools” – Emmert Wolf

Do you have the best people on your sales team? Do you think that there is room for improvement?

By improvement, we don’t mean conducting another training and using up the precious time of your sales team when they could be out there closing the deal. Take a good look at the process being followed by your sales team and there certainly are many redundant tasks which your team is performing that could easily be automated and save them a ton of time.

A smart move would be having mobile-based apps along with web applications so that your sales representatives who are constantly on the move can focus all their attention on increasing the sales and not in front of the computer trying to write reports and timesheets which can be done through their mobile itself.

Below are some apps that ensure that time is spend in the right direction

1. Customer Relationship Management App

A good CRM app will equip and support your sales team from beginning to end of the sales cycle. The sales manager will be able to guide the team in writing proposals, generating quotes, scheduling meeting,and appointments in the form of a checklist for the team to follow for each sale. The manager can even automate the approvals process by the criteria that once a step in the checklist is performed then even a peer can review and approve it so that the team can work faster on closing the deal.

2. Use a Sales app

A sales app to record all the sales that have come through in a particular time frame and the sales executive who closed the deal to analyze the sales of each product or service throughout the year.

3. Lead management app

It can get difficult to track all the leads received by the sales team and which member is following up with it leading to many leads being not contacted at all or contacted too late. A lead management app can consolidate all the leads and the sales representatives can pick each lead, follow up with it and close the deal.

4. Associate management app

You can easily track the performance of each associate with the help of this app. Number of sales by each associate, return on investment of each associate, i.e cost to thecompany by revenue generated by an associate and other such important metrics.

5. Sales reporting app

A customized sales reporting app to generate various sales reports from the data input by your team. Sales by each associate, sales of each product, percentage of conversion etc. to gain insight into the performance of your product and to prevent manual labor by a team member to prepare all these reports.

Clorent can help you in developing all the above apps exactly the way you want it. We offer the highest quality and provide constant support while engaging you during the development process so that you are fully satisfied with the outcome.

April 6th, 2018